GDR ELECTRIC SERVICES specializes in commercial construction, industrial projects, and residential undertakings. Additionally, we facilitate the recruitment of skilled personnel to contribute to these projects.
man in red and black jacket wearing black pants and red helmet holding green and black
man in red and black jacket wearing black pants and red helmet holding green and black


Electrical Installations

Ensure the smooth operation of your electrical systems with our comprehensive maintenance solutions. We keep your installations running efficiently and prevent unexpected disruptions.


Electrical Maintenance

From concept to completion, we offer top-notch electrical installation services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We bring power and precision to your vision.


Electrical Repairs

When electrical issues arise, trust our experienced team to swiftly diagnose and repair them. We're your dependable partner for quick and efficient electrical repairs.


Electrical Inspections

Prioritize safety and compliance with thorough electrical inspections. Identify potential hazards, ensure code adherence, and maintain the integrity of your electrical components Safety and compliance are paramount in electrical systems. Our thorough inspections ensure your installations meet the highest standards, providing peace of mind and security.


GDR ELECTRIC SERVICES is not only excels in electrical solutions but also provides access to a pool of skilled personnel. Elevate your projects with our carefully selected and trained professionals, Let us handle the recruitment process, connecting you with the best talent in the electrical industry

Recruitment Skilled of Employees

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